28.29.30 OCTOBER 2018

Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre


  • Ms. Jill Y. Barwig - Cultural Affairs Officer

    US Embassy Muscat

    EduTraC was a great opportunity for U.S. Universities to showcase their undergraduate and graduate-level opportunities for international students interested in studying abroad.

  • Ms. Marie-Claude Svaldi - Director Government Relations & Outreach

    ELS Educational Service, Inc.

    A huge thank you to Al Nimr, for organizing a successful event. ELS was honored to participate in the EduTraC Oman Conference on my first visit to Oman. The event was highly well organized and allowed for great meetings with government officials, representatives from both the public & private sectors, as well as, Omani Students with big dreams. Muscat, the Gem capital of Oman, with an abundance of potential for educational development and growth. Looking forward to the next event.

  • Mahmoud M. Faquose - Marketing & PR Manager

    Majan College (University College)

    The EduTraC exhibition has shown a measurable achievement in attracting audiences which translates good planning.